Big Agency V Small. Who do you choose?

Small V Large Graphic Design Agency - Who should I choose?

There are some fantastic established agencies across the UK. Many reside in the big cities - London, Manchester, Birmingham. They churn out work of fantastic quality. But, is a bigger agency what you really want for your business?

Many larger brands and blue chip organisations have started to crave the personal touch of a smaller agency. They are opting for the personal touch against the cold wall of established, but sometimes robotic, and tiresome communication with a larger company with many layers and many ‘less involved’ stakeholders.

At 32Bit Design we are not an established agency with a worldwide reputation but we are proud of being small and what that allows us to do. We have become a more attractive proposition across a number of markets because of how available we are to our clients. We make our clients feel really connected and part of the design process in a way that may not be possible in big agencies.

When we work with someone it’s personal. The people our clients work with really care. They are not employees they are partners and it really matters how strong our work is and our relationship with the people we are working for is. It’s fair to say we cannot take on the unlimited volume of work a large conglomerate can but we will care about every bit of work we do.

When we do work for our clients we are not fighting against huge overheads and the associated costs we need to pass onto clients and our clients will typically have one point of contact and not a whole team of designers to deal with. We can accommodate a large range of budgets meaning we can still work with the exciting startup that craves great work but without the budget to engage with one of the big boys. Yet, we can still attract more established businesses because the quality is there.

If you find yourself looking at your options and the type of agency you want to work with remember that bigger is not always better. It certainly won’t be as cost effective and the work may not be as creative. If you crave the personal touch from a small dedicated team it may just be worth getting in touch.