How much does logo design cost?

When I started my first business, many years ago, I knew I needed a logo. I knew I wanted people to recognise my company and I wanted us to stand out from the crowd. I also knew I had a finite budget and at the time I didn’t have the skill set to produce my own. As a new startup I had saved up enough money to get me through month one - paying the mortgage, food and other essential bills. I also had a budget for the business essentials. You know stuff like insurance, bank accounts, accounting and…design!

Anyone who has been in that position will understand how hard it is to look at your budget and think ‘you know what, I need to go all in on design and get an amazing logo’. Its not going to instantly bring in money, it wont help the business function behind the scenes, is it just a vanity purchase?

After some serious consideration I set a budget and went for it. I reasoned that taking some financial pain now I would be setting myself up for quicker success. I knew that having a great looking logo and brand would instantly build my credibility. I hoped people would feel we were established and we had clearly invested in the business and that we believed in it and this in turn would help them believe in us to.

From that point on I never looked back. When I met potential clients they always commented on the strength of our brand and I really feel it helped us gain traction in the market place and helped us close real business. And, that’s where I really began to understand the positive power of brand and image. But, I have never forgotten how tough a financial decision it was to make that step and that is what drives me to help new - and established - businesses through this minefield.

So what does a logo actually cost? Well of course the answer is open ended. On a typical day I might be sat in the office and the phone rings and I hear some variation of ‘I need a logo, what do you charge’ and without context the caller will not always like the answer and may refer me to an online logo creating app that is available for £40 - and this comes from not understanding the value of graphic design. This is fine. After all its our job to teach people who do not understand the value of design to do so so they and their businesses can grow.

So my first bit of advice - do not seek out the cheapest. Seek out the best value. Explain what your budget is to your design agency and be open about it. Try to start considering graphic design as an investment and not dead money.

So what are your ‘realistic’ options?

You can use a FREE online logo maker - using one of these services you are essentially saying ‘I will do it myself’. Its like having a toothache and deciding that all you need to sort this is a mirror and pliers and ‘having a go’. DON’T DO IT. It will end badly! lets move on…

Design competitions and spec work - If you are unfamiliar with the concept you can essentially get online, put a brief out and designers from all over the world can submit designs to you and you pick the best. Now, there are a ton of reasons this sucks for the design industry - which is a whole other blog post - but essentially you are advocating a ton of people working for free who do not even understand your business and who are probably pumping out tons of logo’s a day. Not good

Working with a freelancer or a graphic design agency - of course I have saved the best option for last! find a graphic design agency you get on with, who understand you, who understand your brand and who you can work with and grow with in a mutually beneficial relationship. It will cost you more initially but like we have spoke about THIS IS AN INVESTMENT and you will see a return on that investment quickly.

The Logo design process

Ok, before we talk real numbers lets look at what our logo design process is -

Design Brief - We talk to out clients. We get to understand them and their business. We get them to complete a design brief that tells us what they like, companies logos they like, businesses they aspire to and who their competition are and much more.

Research - We take on board all the information provided in the brief and head out into the world to check out what we have been told. We can then begin to formulate our own ideas on how to approach the project.

Concepts - We are starting to get stuff on paper, sketches, words, images. We then take this digital and generally mock up around three different concepts and send these to our clients.

Review - We leave the concepts with the client for a couple of days. Its like when you view a house - look at it once but make sure you go back again because its only on the second viewing you start to notice stuff you didn’t the first time around! When our clients are happy they let us know the favoured concept.

Artwork - We work on the final design until it is perfect. When we are happy we present this to the client. When the client is absolutely delighted we send them the Logo in all the conceivable formats they need.

Sign off and celebrate - We all grab a beer, breathe again, The client is happy and we are proud.

As you can see its a full process that takes time. It is not £40’s worth of work and neither should it be. Its your first chance to make a lasting impression and win business.

Realistically you should expect to pay between £400 and £10’000 for your logo. Of course this depends who designs your logo and their experience. For small or start up businesses I would suggest anywhere in the region of £400 - £1000 would be about the right ball park. Assuming you make the right choice of provider you will be giving yourself the best chance of getting the logo that is right to drive your business forward.

Realistically when you are getting into the £’000’s for a logo then who will be buying a lot more than just logo design - but again that is a subject for another blog post!

What do 32Bit Design charge?

As a new agency, despite producing incredible work, for now we sit at the lower end of the scale with prices starting from around the £400 mark. Of course our rate will vary depending on the scope of the project.

Because we are a new agency and its hugely important for us to develop our portfolio we are prepared to, for the right clients, reduce our rates by half. We want to showcase our talent and win business and just at the moment you could grab an incredible deal. Of course, this won’t last forever but…grab it while its hot!

So if you do want to talk about a new logo or a logo re-design please get in touch. Email us, call us, tweet us or even get on Facebook and DM’us. We would love to talk to you and see if we are compatible to work together.