Our Logo design process

Every agency will have its own unique way of creating your logo. We are no different. We follow a process - albeit a fluid one - in order to create the strongest possible work we can that our clients will love.

1. Initial Briefing Meeting - Either in person or on the phone we will talk to our customer. Talking is the basis of any strong relationship and for us it is the best place to start. Its our customers opportunity to tell us in their own words their ambitions, style, ethos, likes and dislikes. Anything we can use to imprint their ID into their new logo.

2. Sketching - We like to sketch any ideas and fonts on the back of what we have found out in the initial briefing meeting. For us its a way to let some creativity into the project as one idea flows in to the next and we begin to formulate some the strongest concepts.

3. Mockups - We then artwork our favourite concepts in Adobe Illustrator and produce between 3 and 5 concepts to present to the client. These are not the finished article but a strong hint at where we are going and how we could get there. 

4. Mockup Review - After we have sent mockups to the customer we talk through our work with our customers and they feed back their likes and dislikes. When the customer is ready they choose their favourite idea and we begin the final design process.

5. Final Logo - At this stage we artwork the final logo and proof it to the client. When the final adjustments are made we send the Logo files to the customer in all possible file formats, sizes and colours and we phone the happy client and thank them for the opportunity to help them develop their business!

6. We all celebrate a job well done and clink glasses with the client - Cheers!