Keeping it Contemporary: Current Trends in Logo Design

As we begin to approach the halfway point of the year now would seem a good time to look at how companies have been approaching their design so far.

It has been noted in a previous article how being able to evolve with the times is a crucial element of your branding. Therefore, being aware of current trends is important even if you’re not already planning on any imminent changes.

And if you are looking to change things up or you’re just starting out and looking for a snappy logo that portrays who you are and screams 2019, well then you’ll want to do as much research as possible.

So what makes a great logo? Does it convey who you are? Does it stand out? Is it instantly memorable? Is it versatile? Can it be easily adapted to use on different formats? Is it stylish, does it feel fresh and do people like it? All of these things are important on different levels and need to be considered when making your decision.

 1)      Shapeshifting Logos: Responsive, Variable

These days people access your content in so many different ways that your logo needs to look as good on a mobile phone as it does on a desk top. Watch this video for a real time demonstration.

In addition to this you have billboards, magazine ads, t-shirts, bags, mugs. There are endless way to display your logo. A good logo will be recognizable from virtually any element and not only fit across the many available formats but be adaptable enough that you can optimise its appearance wherever it is seen.

2)      Geometric Shapes

The shape of your logo can say a lot about what business you want to portray. The more curves and rounded edges the more you give off a friendly and relaxed vibe. If you want to go for efficiency and organization think circles, squares, triangles.

A combination of simple and straight forward shapes in a minimalist design can give you the look you are aiming for.

The company below is not only using these shapes and the ideas it brings to their logo but cleverly to each section of their business as a whole.


3) Perspective Play

If you want to engage a client one way to do this is to make them look twice. Consider distorting, warping, fragmenting to give an optical illusion.

You can manipulate perspective and shading for a finished product that defies all logic.

This can be an interesting way to break the mould and increase your chances of getting remembered.

Primary Visual.jpg
Main Street Hustle.jpg
Mint Plus.jpg

4)      Negative Space

Incredibly simple, often minimalist in tone but also as complex as you want to make it. Negative space makes use of your background to give a truly striking appearance. Often times the hidden image can pass you by but once seen it’s never forgotten. The most famous case of this is FedEx.


See the white arrow first time of looking? Will you ever miss it again?

It’s a powerful image expressing their main aim. To get your parcel from A-B as quickly as possible.

Here’s another.


Using negative space well can get people talking about your logo as they share your discover and spread your name through word of mouth.

5)      Minimalism

This has been touched on throughout the course of the article but it really is the overriding theme. Easy on the eyes and easy to adapt. They clear out the noise leaving only room for the overriding message to get through. Clean and crisp, minimalism is not such a trend anymore but almost an industry standard.


In the image above you can see how the world’s biggest and boldest companies are stripping away everything fancy leaving only the naked text.

6)      Overlapping

A visually dynamic way to add duality and layers to your logo overlapping, thanks in part to Paypal and other pioneers, has designers pushing into areas not really explored fully before. This trend borrows much from negative space, geometry, bold and bright colours all integrating perfectly to create the finished piece.

Over 1.jpg
Over 2.jpg
Over 3.jpg

7)      Maximum Detail

In a perhaps defiant opposition to the industry standard of minimalism discussed in great detail already some companies are doing the exact opposite.

Companies dealing in vintage, artisan, hand crafted and top shelf products want to convey authenticity in their logo and so rather than stripping back the detail they are adding more.


The following belongs to an online fantasy game. They too have gone down the road of artwork with fine detail.


8)      Bright Colours

As touched upon previously bright colours are forming a part of more and more logo designs. Colours impact the way we see the world and are often used to persuade or influence people.

Studies show that people are influenced by up to 90% on colour alone when deciding whether to buy something or use a particular service which is an incredible number.


9)  Fun & Playful

Day to day life can have its challenges and a lively logo can act as a good antidote to snap a viewer out of apathy. It can engage your captive bringing forth a feeling of comfort and trust to create a memorable experience.


Having a logo with long-term staying power doesn’t mean having to go with a boring design.

10)      Gradients

This has become a top modern design trend in recent months with many companies getting on board. Instagram kicked things off when they last updated their logo and now firefox have followed suit.

Initially derided, gradients are becoming more and more popular with designers using bright colours to create beautiful designs and elicit strong emotions.

As you can see there are many different and equally effective ways to showcase your organisation. Taking into account the current trends is always wise but just make sure your logo is there to stand the test of time.

James Minion