5 Reasons Graphic Design should be important for your business

As a small business its probable that your budget is limited. Unless you are lucky enough to be entering the market with some serious capital or outside investment behind you its likely that what you spend your money on has to be prioritized because doing 'it all' simply is not possible.

So where should graphic design sit on your list and why is it more important than you might think. Check out our 5 key reasons why Graphic Design should be right up near the top of your list.

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression

It may be a saying that is as old as the hills but it is still relevant today because it is true. If a prospect is searching for a product or service in a crowded market place you need to make the seconds they look at your brochure, leaflet, website - whatever - really count. If you cant make them stop and stare you have probably lost them.

Stories are popular because they engage and resonate 

Our brains love a story. They love making connections and putting us in a mood of empathy. With careful planning you can create and execute your own story through your marketing materials so people connect with you. You can make them feel you are right the company for them.

A brand that people remember

A consistent look and feel to your companies marketing materials can be a powerful thing. Colour combinations, tone, Imagery, typeface used in the right way will help your company become both recognizable and memorable.

Your chance to be different

The rise of the digital age and the internet has been the industrial revolution of our age and it is a fantastic thing. It has given everyone a platform to show themselves in a way that simply was not possible 30 years ago.

But with that freedom to express comes more competition. As cost barriers come down you can expect more people starting to trade in the market. What does this mean for you? It means you need to stand out. Graphic Design is an amazing opportunity to differentiate between you and your competition. A chance to show you are different and make people take notice.

Design Sells

Sales are the lifeblood of any business and the most measurable way to judge the importance of graphic design is what it does for your bottom line. Websites, brochures and leaflets are all great to have but to have these resources that actually converts prospects to customers is what you really want.

An expertly designed peace of marketing collateral that drives it viewer to take action, make that call or send you an email is just about the most powerful weapon your business can have. 

We are a small graphic design team from Witney. We would love to help you build your own companies brand and marketing so do not hesitate to get in touch here.