5 Quick tips for leaflet design

So, how do you create a leaflet design that really works? These top five quick tips will help get you started -

1.) What do you want to achieve?

Are you looking to generate phone calls? Website visits? Newsletter Sign ups? or something else? Knowing what you want will help you refine your leaflet and drive your audience to that purpose.

2.) Who is your audience?

Are you talking to new prospects? who are they? what demographic are they from? where are they geographically? answering questions about your audience will help you set the tone, copy and design for your leaflet.

3.) Making an impact

Use the top third of your leaflet to create an impact. Perhaps ask a question that identifies a potential pain point for your audience to grab their attention. Use colour and imagery to help create drama and keep people reading. You have a small window of time to keep peoples attention so use it wisely.

4.) Use offers and incentives to make your leaflet work hard

Giving your audience a reason to keep your leaflet can help increase your response rate. Perhaps include a date sensitive offer to drive a quicker response or include a discount offer to encourage people to keep your leaflet. This will also help you track the effectiveness of your leaflet.

5.) Use words - just not to many words

Make your copy effective by using copy that is concise. Focus on whats in it for the prospect and why should they call you. You do not need to tell them everything now. Just enough information to make them take action.

Thanks for reading. If you need help with your leaflet design we would love to help!