Six quick branding tips for your 'cash poor' start up.

The battle of the brand begins. Six quick startup branding tips for your cash poor startup!

Wow, what a mouthful that heading was. Many of us start our small businesses with big ideas but a tiny little bit of money. That’s cool - its stressful, but one of the most satisfying things you can do. Project forward 5 years when you have built your company from quite literally zero to the respected, behemoth, industry leading beast it has become and how you can tell everyone you meet ‘I started this from nothing and look what I built’.

Snap back to reality. How do you get from here to there? how do you start to build a brand? after all the corner stone of the success of companies like Mcdonalds, Apple and Innocent are their brands.

Well here are 6 low cost tips you can do or start doing today that can be the foundation of what you might become!

1) Whats in a name?

When your planning a business the name is so very difficult. Its like naming your child. For those of you that have been in that position you know how tough it is. You think you have nailed it and then you remember your crazy uncle you don’t like’s middle name is that damn name. Back to the drawing board.

Be memorable, be unique, maybe different. Find a name that gives you freedom to grow into different services and sectors in the later life of your business.

2) Did you check the URL is available?

So you found the perfect name. Bravo. But, did you check the domain name for your business was available? Before you get your heart set on your awesome name make sure you check you can get that perfect domain name!

3) Define your look

You have your name and domain in the bag now you need to define your look. Its likely that your logo will be the cornerstone of your ‘look’. The starting point for what is to follow. Take your time with your logo. Don’t chase the on-trend look necessarily (another hipster logo anyone?) and fine something that speaks about you and what you want to be. Make sure it works across multiple media - Print, Facebook, Twitter, T-shirts - remember this thing is going everywhere.

Another good place to start is your colour pallet. For instance we settled on white and black with a splash of colour. The idea behind that was that as our portfolio grows the focus for visitors to our site would be purely on our clients work with little distraction. Find your own motivation behind your colour pallet.

4) Find your voice

There are so many platforms available for free to help you promote your new business. Your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - frankly the list is endless.

Find your own unique voice. Don;t be something you are not but try and make whatever you do decide as your voice consistent. Easier said that done in an owner managed and run business because, lets face it, sometimes you feel like crap and your tone may change. But you should at least try.

Are you serious, quirky, direct, full of humour? your choice.

5) Make yourself heard

A continuation of the last point but never the less worth saying. Use the free resources available. We are at the start of our journey with 32Bit Design and we are trying to use all the free resources we can to put our name out there!

6) Establish yourself as the authority

Chances are you may know a thing or two about the industry you have started your business in. Well, other people may not know that and they may be interested to know more. People like to learn so put out valuable content that engages them and keeps them coming back for more!

I really hope these quick tips help you in your journey. Its a tough gig but its rewarding so stick at it!