When Logo Design Goes Wrong - Ouch!

For all the success stories of Nike and the iconic swoosh, Apple and their…..well apple which are now so well known across the world you don’t even need to see a name there have been just as many horror stories.

Who for example, after taking the time and putting a little thought in would have come up with something like this….?!


The Catholic Church that’s who. Yes in 1973 this was the logo chosen for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission. Oddly enough it won an award from the Art Directors Club of Los Angeles proving that perhaps business sense and artistic intention don’t always go hand in hand.

 This is not an isolated case as the next logo will show.


Arlington Pediatric Center has apparently since redesigned their logo after becoming famous for all wrong reasons – It’s not hard to see why.

 Of course not all dubious logos will be roundly mocked by everyone. Some have received as many positive reviews as the bones of contention they have received. Take Sherwin Williams for example. The logo has stood since originally designed in 1905. There are many who feel that while the logo may have worked in a different time it is hugely outdated and doesn’t fit with our more environmentally friendly outlook of today.


There are some who recognise this but perversely believe this to be the logos greatest asset. Essentially flying in the face of how we see the world today.

But it was briefly changed in 1974 all be it only to return in 1982 until present day. In 2006 however, there were more calls for the logo to be changed labelling it perverse, sinister and frankly ridiculous in this day and age.

 So how do you guarantee that flashy looking logo with all the bells and whistles which will literally propel your company onto the next level??

Throw a lot of money at it of course!

Not so actually as London 2012 goes to show.


Despite costing a jaw dropping £400,000 this highly contentious image had as many reaching for their pitchfork as it did admirers.

From anything to the accusation of similarities to the Nazi Swastika to an image of Lisa Simpson carrying out an unspeakable act it had people in a fury.

Iran even threatened to boycott the event after claiming it spelled out Zion.

Proof if ever it were needed that you need more than money to find the right look.

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Richard Latimer

Customer Services Manager