I am only a small business I don't need 'Branding'...Really?

But I’m only small? I am a business not a brand! it’s a common thought process of the small business. Is it really worth the time, effort and money to develop your brand in the early days of your business? We do get it - you are not Apple or Coca Cola -But… here are five reasons you should still care about branding.

1.) It’s a trust thing - Let’s say you need you need a plumber. You Google plumbers in your local town and you find two plumbing companies within 2 miles. Website A has a logo made in word and very little care and attention paid to the layout, look, feel and ease of use of it’s website. Website B has a carefully crafted brand name and a good looking, easy to use website. Who are you going to call? How many orders do you lose by ‘saving’ money on Branding? you may never know!

2.) Familiarity and Recognition - A well crafted and memorable logo will resonate in people’s subconscious. They may not need you the first time they find your brand but when they do need a service like yours, boom, who do they think of?

3.) Building a team - So your business is growing and you need your team to be as passionate as you so they can continue to serve your clients as you would. A strong Brand identity is essential in imprinting the DNA of the business into their minds and motivating them. Who are you? What do you stand for? Why are you different? by growing that identity in the minds of your team they will share your philosophy.

4.) Branding supports your marketing - Every business needs to market themselves in order to grow. No short cuts to success here. Your Branding will ensure your marketing communications are both attractive yet share the same, look, feel and tone of voice. This will further establish your company ‘personality’ in the minds of your potential buyers.

5.) ‘I had a great service from….what was their name again?’ - Strong Branding that is memorable will help people refer your business. If you do a great job for someone wouldn’t it be fantastic if they instantly recalled your brand name and sent new customers your way?

Thanks for checking out our five tips on why Branding is important for your small business!