10 Low cost ways to market your small business

When you are starting a business or running a small business with a small budget its so important to make every penny count and where possible get marketing exposure free. 

Check out our list of 10 things that can help -

1.) Do you know your elevator pitch?

You are trapped in lift and someone they ask - what do you do? research tells us you have about 8 seconds to get the message across before they start thinking about what they want for dinner.

If you manage to get them hooked you might get another minute. Craft your pitch until you can bang it out of the cuff at a moments notice.

2.) Whats going on in the community?

Can you sponsor a local football team? are there opportunities to help out at events. Can you print flyers for the local fete and get your name on them somewhere?

Look for win win situations where you can give something back and get a little free promotion and good will for your business

3.) Team up

What businesses are complimentary to your own? can you cross promote each others businesses?

For example as a graphic design team we might team up with a local car livery business. We can help with design whilst they expertly get our designs on to vehicles!

4.) Networking

If there is a downside to networking I do no know what it is. Sure, it takes time and commitment but it is a gentle way to get your name in front of people and a chance to forge close working relationships.

Over time you will be able to refer work to your network and likewise them to you.

5.) Call people

This a tough gig if you are not confident doing it but providing you are respectful of peoples time it can be a great way to make an introduction.

Call up a company you think you can work with and establish who the decision maker is. You can either ask to talk to them or if its easier get their email address and send an introduction that way.

Either way you will have made a new contact with just a small investment of time.

6.) Twitter

Create an account. Take the time to post interesting content regularly. perhaps show examples of your work, testimonials, retweet interesting content from others. Follow others and engage with them on subjects you are interested.

Its an amazing free gateway to a world of information about the businesses around you.  

7.) Give it away

Giving away free stuff may seem counter intuitive but its an excellent way to get people hooked on your product and service.

It can also be a great way to boost the popularity of your Blog/Facebook page. For example enter people into a prize draw for your liking your Facebook page and sharing it. What a great way to build a larger audience for a small expense.

8.) Strengthen relationships

Keep in touch with your customer base. You can be sure if you are not in regular contact with your customer other companies will be.

Go the extra mile. Make them aware of new products and services you might offer and you may find your getting more out of existing clients and they are getting more out of you.

9.) Ask for referrals

If you have a good relationship with a customer do not be afraid to ask for referrals. 

If you have done a great job for someone the chances are they will be happy to introduce you to people they might work with and its another fantastic way to meet new potential customers.

10.) Go Guerrilla

You have heard of Guerrilla marketing right? well it can be a great low cost and fun way to create a buzz around your business.

For example you could create some kind of temporary artwork on busy streets in your local town or city. How about pressure washing your logo on to an area of high footfall?

We hope this gets your minds ticking on how to stretch your marketing budget as far as it will go.  

When is it time for a new logo?

When is it time for a logo redesign?

We can't all get it right first time (see Nike, Shell) and never go back again for a rework.

More often than not a logo must be continually updated, tweaked, re-worked and modernised. Not only to keep up with 'trends' and changing styles but with the things happening in your own business.

Have you experienced significant growth? launched a new range of products? Do you have new competition? has your audience changed?

Does the logo you have now still talk to your customers in the same way it did ten years ago? Is it time for a LOGO REBOOT.