Hi, I’m James owner of 32Bit Design. This is a message to you, from me, about us. No corporate rubbish, no BS, just a real snapshot of who I am and where my company comes from.

I believe your brand is not your logo, it’s not your identity, it’s not even your products. Your brand is a persons gut feeling about your business.

The work we do is about telling stories. This is my very own ‘about us’ page so I am going to tell mine.

Firstly, I feel compelled to say I do not have a formal education in branding or design. Hold the phone!! what!!

Wait, before you drag your mouse to the search bar to Google an accredited master of design just give me five minutes to explain why you should stay right here…

I left school without a direction or purpose - sound familiar? And like many people without direction or purpose I fell into a sales job. Selling advertising in fact. Wow, what a tough gig that was! But, I loved the challenge and it was my first introduction in how to get what you want through marketing. I was hooked.

I was surrounded by different ways to sell. Amongst all kinds of people from all backgrounds who all had their own unique way of telling stories. Whether it was one of the sales guys on the phone or the design team creating the images or the copy people writing copy. In the end this stuff rubs off. I mean, you can’t sell design and advertising unless you know a little bit about design and advertising, right!?

When I left my advertising sales career I already had a strong understanding of creative design and persuasive copy. This was ‘ahem’ twenty something years ago. I will not tell you exactly how old this makes me but it’s old enough, thanks.

Over the course of the next two decades I honed the skills I had learnt and made it my mission to understand the world of branding and design so I could create a design agency of my own. And I learnt. From everywhere and everyone I could.

Which brings us up to right here, right now. I did my time and grew my design skill set (I still can’t show you a degree paper to prove it though) and I’m now in a position to apply all the knowledge and skills I have acquired and help others on their own journey with inspiring creative design. So 32Bit Design has been born and I am slowly building my own team and surrounding myself with amazing creative design professionals that share my philosophy and ideas.

The 32Bit Design mission was to create a design agency that would empower other ambitious businesses and make quality graphic design affordable. I know how tough the journey of growing a business can be after being immersed in this world throughout my adult working life. I wanted an agency that really was on the clients side. Part of their team.

So, here we are on our own exciting journey and wanting you to join us. If you want to work with a small creative team who strive to be approachable, available, calm, innovative and strategic, that allows you to punch above your weight, get in touch. We are all ears.


James Minion